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Liza’s Life Rules #5: Just breathe.


There is nothing that is not made better by taking a deep breath.

Is something stressing you out? Take a deep breath and come back to your center. Experiencing something overwhelmingly beautiful? Take a deep breath and experience it more deeply.

When we meditate or do yoga, we’re always coming back to the breath. Without breath, we’re nothing; without breath we die… breath is literally our life force. If we’re blessed enough to have the ability to take a deep breath, you have access to the cheapest stress reducer out there. In a matter of seconds we can cleanse ourselves, connect with our life force, and slow our heart rate down. Stress is a killer. And we can mitigate our own stress levels by remembering to breathe. When we’re stressed, the single best thing we can do is to take a deep breath.

Taking a deep breath is free, and takes virtually no time at all. You can do it anywhere, at any time. You can do it in secret. You can do it a hundred times a day.

If you sit on the mediation cushion, it is literally all you have to do. Just breathe. But you don’t have to be meditating. You can be stuck in traffic or on a crowded elevator or making dinner or about to say something horrible to someone. Just breathe.

You don’t have to control your breath or analyze your breath or chastise yourself for not breathing deeper. All you have to do is breathe.

Do it now; put your hand on your beautiful belly and take the deepest breath of the day, fill your lungs and your heart and your belly up with the biggest breath of you can muster. It feels amazing, doesn’t it?

It’s not always so simple. Often times we close off our bodies to our breath. We take quick, shallow breaths or hold our breaths or breathe out more than we breathe in. But we can always give ourselves the gift of taking a deep breath. And we can often give ourselves the gift of closing our eyes and taking several deep breaths in a row.


I forget all the time. It’s why I have this simple reminder tattooed on the hidden inside of my right arm. Just breathe.

The next time you feel stressed out, or overwhelmed, or happy or sad or scared, just breathe. And you can start with right now.


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Liza’s Life Rules #2: Never don’t buy shoes.


Never don’t buy shoes.

This rule is completely and totally literal. But it’s also a metaphor.

I love shoes. To be more honest, I adore shoes. When I am stressed out, I soothe myself by scrolling through pictures of shoes online. ShopBop, Net-a-Porter, Bergdorfs, Lyst: all fair game. (Barneys would be too, if their website wasn’t the worst thing to happen to the internet since Netscape.)


See, isn’t that soothing?

My favorite shoes are the ones I can barely wear. I nickname my shoes. Those beautiful green Alexander McQueen mohawk skull pumps in the top picture are called Lee.

My biggest superficial regrets in life are when I have passed up on shoes that I love. Here’s the thing about shoes: you can always return them (or sell them on Poshmark or Material Wrld) but you can’t buy shoes that have sold out.

Here are some cage YSL shoes that haunt me:


What do you love? Black & white photos of cityscapes in winter time? Little wooden figurines of turtles? Gelato melting down your chin on a scorching summer day?

Here’s the metaphor: know what you really love. Know what makes you feel good deep down inside. And treat yourself to it! I promise: you deserve that thing that makes you feel good.



Once Cyndi Ramirez and I went on a 3-day trip together, and this is what our hotel room looked like! She loves shoes, too. 

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